A Lightbulb Moment

During the Dream It Do It session with the Design Trust (mentioned in my last post) one activity was to speak to someone new in the room about your dreams and future plans. I got speaking to a lovely day, Sharon Brown who had just taken redundancy from teaching after many years and went on to pursue her creativity as a form of income. I mentioned to her that my dreams are a bit fuzzy at the moment and that I swap and change ideas and plans. Sharon managed to turn that around and suggest that maybe my dreams are to swap and change. To have the freedom to change my mind, to work on many different projects at once and to constantly change my mind to not be stuck down by one dream or goal. This sounds very simple to an outsider but this comment seriously had an impact on the way I look at my goals!

Sometime’s it just takes an outsiders point of view to make all of your thoughts click into place.

My 5 year plan is still as vague as it was before but at least now I understand the freedom that swapping and changing can give me.

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