A Scottish Break

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

On Saturday afternoon I left work and headed straight for Newcastle to see family and friends, we picked up some family members in Alnmouth on the Sunday and set off on our adventure!

Our first campsite was Immervoulin in Loch Lomond where we stayed for the night before heading up to Ardnamurchan campsite in Kilchoan where we stayed for most of the week. After a fantastic week of being in the wilderness and whale watching we stopped off at The Red Squirrel campsite in Dumfries before heading back home to Stockport. I've added the links to each campsite - i'd recommend all 3.

The Wilderness

This trip was the furthest i've ever ventured into Scotland, I was absolutely blown away by the sheer amount of wilderness. Coming from a built up area, I could quickly see the local amenities dwindle as we headed closer to Ardnamurchan. Big branded supermarkets were swapped for a family run corner shop, post office and petrol station all rolled into one and post boxes were a rare find. The sense of community was huge and the locals were very welcoming to us tourists.

The four of us didn't use any electricity all week, the only bits we did use were to charge our phones in the car as we explored the area. With no radio, minimal screen time and being outside together, it was so peaceful and refreshing to escape the nagging of daily life and to focus on being in that moment.

Feeling inspired by every part of the Scottish landscape, I particularly fell in love with the little cottages and 'bothies' that were tucked up into the hills. They seem to be nestled in and cosied up into the rough terrain, many of them sitting bright white and proud. I thought they were very charming and each one full of character. There was also plenty of timber clad little homes and structures that had silvered in the weather- beautiful!

Please feel free to add your experiences of Scotland into the comments

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