Attracting An Audience

Through my work at Marketplace Studios, I was introduced to artist Melissa Galley, she mentioned a really interesting theory that I had never thought about before and have noticed everywhere since!

Mel works for a furniture company and mentioned that when they are building the furniture, that is when the public and passers by are the most interested and stop to watch. Once the piece is built and stood standing, that is an object that they can pass by without too much interest.

When I was recently illustrating the windows of the shop at Marketplace Studios, there seemed to be a lot of attention around what I was doing, what I was working on. Whether that was because of my movement in the window or the actual activity I'm not quite sure. But I did notice that passers by were actively watching me then looking up to see the shop name.

In one of my past blog posts I mentioned the book ‘Show Your Work’ by Austin Kleon and the idea of showing your work in progress rather than just the final piece. I want to find a way of linking this creative activity into a way of getting the audience to interact with my illustrations.

My illustrations on the windows of Marketplace Studios, Stockport

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