Craft & Flea Market, Manchester

Craft & Flea Market, Manchester Cathedral February 2020

In 2019, I started to take selling events more seriously and I applied for larger events including specialised print fairs. At the start of this year I began to miss the buzz of events but was worried that I wouldn't sell enough work to cover the costs . This was a bit of a gamble for me, so I applied for the Craft & Flea- an event i've never done before and just went for it.

My initial worries about the event was that the footfall would be low due to being so close to Christmas as well as there being a £2 entry fee. I was also aware that I was running low on some stock and that I didn't have anything new from my previous events.

The actual event was well curated and the products were of high quality. In previous events that I have taken part in at the Cathedral, there have been possibly too many makers, however this one was well spaced out as well as having a good range of different makers. I had a steady stream of lovely customers all day and at no point did it feel quiet. After a studio tidy up, I had lots of great bargains for my sale/seconds basket which went down amazingly well with the thrifty numbers!

By the end of the day, I had taken more in sales than I did at most of my Winter events as well as being able to find homes for many pieces of work that were previously sitting in a drawer. I will definitely be applying for the Craft & Flea again in the future.

The next goal for me is to apply for events outside of Manchester, to meet new people in new areas and to see what inspires me at new events.

If you'd like to see me and my traveling circus, i'd really appreciate it if you could comment an event or town you think I should sell my work at!

*Big thank you to the Craft and Flea market for having me, as well as @miroomakes for being a great neighbour for the day!*

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