Creating a story

If like me, you quite often want to draw something but struggle with actually what it is you want to draw, I might have something that could keep you occupied for a few hours.

I was recently inspired by illustrator Carson Ellis' Transmundane Tuesday prompts but they only come round once a week and once I started drawing, I wanted more! So I created my own version, with animals and activities that fit in with my ethos and what I love- also some of them are inspired by our local park and some of our favourite activities (before lockdown).

I have included a list at the bottom of this post for you to print out (or write out if you don't have a printer), cut up and pop into three separate bowls / hats / shoes / mugs / whatever you have to hand. I've given each category a colour so that when you are finished with it, you can pop that prompt back into the correct bowl to avoid everything getting too jumbled up and confusing.

Bird / Dancing / Carrying a huge backpack

I only spent a couple of minutes on each drawing before moving onto the next one but you could take as long as you like, draw it as big or as small as you like and use whatever equipment you have to hand!

(For those of us that suffer with 'fear of the white page,' I would suggest doing a few quick drawings first to get you started off)

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