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Updated: Mar 15, 2019

When you are solely responsible for researching, drawing up ideas, creating the products, promoting them, packaging them as well as marketing them.. It can sometimes be quite useful when someone else displays your work for you in a home or shop environment.

I have some of my products stocked at Marketplace Studios, where my colleague Lauren set a display up for my framed illustrations and prints. Lauren has a lot of experience in setting out work to display it professionally and gave me some great hints and tips to save yourself some headaches! Also, by putting her spin onto the display, it’s given me some more ideas into what other objects I could use to pair my products up with.

Here are some tips that i’ve learnt:

1.Purposely offset any prints or frames that you are hanging as a collection. By trying to aline any frames it’s more noticeable when it isn’t quite right, but by hanging the work in more of a collaged arrangement, you can get away with most alignment issues.

2. Bulldog clips are great for hanging any unframed prints, just make sure they aren’t too tight and leave a crease on your work.

3. I would advise to put a note of the price next to the work, it will tell the customer exactly what the price is and they can decide whether it is to their budget or not. Some customers may be interested in your product but won’t buy because it’s more effort to ask someone for the price or they may have valued it at a lot less than what you have priced it at.

4. Go and see your work at your stockists, it will give you many ideas when it comes to product shots for your website and the person displaying your work will have put their own spin on it.

My prints for sale at Marketplace Studios

If you have any more tips that you'd like to share, please do add them into the comments!

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