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Enjoying A Slower Approach to Inspiration

Updated: Mar 17

A navy and peach drawing of a girl sitting on rug, opening a book with a beam of light coming from it

The online database of images and stuff is MASSIVE. A quick search with the right key words can give you instant imagery under the guise of inspiration for your project. But is this quick fix harming our creativity?

What happens if we slow down this crazy over consumption madness and choose the slower ride instead? If the inspiration is being fed in at a slower rate, will we have more time and space to really work on an idea?

Your cabinet of curiosity

If you were a wealthy person living in Europe in the 16th-17th century, it was fashionable to have a cabinet of curiosity or wunderkammer (wonder-room in German - sounds more fun).

These rooms full of artefacts and man-made marvels served as a physical collection of knowledge and travel.

Nowadays we keep things on our bookshelves and notice boards or in our camera roll to serve as reminders of memories or information learnt.

Treat yourself to a good old rummage through your cabinet of curiosity to gather some slower paced inspiration. What would your cabinet say about the world?

What do you read? What do you collect? Who do you look up to in your industry? What makes your heart sing without you understanding why? What do you have on your desk? What music do you listen to? What's in your notebook or sketchbook? Who's work do you admire?


Here's another post about slowing down and enjoying some 'idle time'.

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