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On Monday last week the Facebook owned apps crashed and failed to work, this included Facebook messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram. Until this point I hadn't realised how much I had relied on these apps to network and communicate with my creative community. My world felt a lot smaller for an unknown amount time (thankfully it was only a few hours).

I opened my Molly Newport Design Instagram account for my illustrations and textiles work when I was in my final year of uni in 2016 and since then I have spent many (huge understatement) hours building a network and collecting moments and photos to share with others. I've also pulled together a collection of people who I love to follow as well as friends who follow my page too. Once the Instagram app had crashed I suddenly realised how fragile it is as a platform and that I can't rely on that alone to keep my business and networks afloat.

Although blips like these are uncommon, they do happen and Instagram is just a platform for me to use, it could all disappear overnight without warning. DOOM AND GLOOM ASIDE - I'm going to continue with my Instagram account and i'm also going to put more work into my website and newsletter for those who want to follow that too.

If you were affected by the Facebook technical issue and were worried about loosing contact with your favourite small businesses or maybe you'd just like to stay in touch with them in a different way that isn't social media I would really recommend joining their mailing list or bookmarking their website on your browser so that you can find it easily when you want to visit them online.

Mailing lists and newsletters can sound like a daunting thing to sign up to but honestly most small businesses only send out updates every now and then - they don't have a huge team writing emails to pester you with. (Also, you can always unsubscribe when you feel like it).

I'm really grateful to everyone on my mailing list and I love writing to everyone once a month for a monthly roundup of what i've been up to. My newsletters have even been described as being like a postcard from an old friend and something that my followers settle down with a cup of tea to read (which is just the loveliest feedback!). If you'd like to receive my monthly updates, you can join HERE

As always, thank you for reading this blog post, if you have any tips on staying in touch with your favourite small businesses that is separate from social media, please feel free to comment.

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