Fashion Illustration Workshop

A couple of weeks ago, I went along to the Fashion Illustration workshop run by Turner’s Art Shop and Tracy Fennell. The workshop focuses on drawing clothes on the human figure, starting off quick and looking at shape then moving on to pattern and water colours with inks.

Tracy is a fantastic tutor and really went the extra mile for those that needed a bit of extra help, the session was upbeat and fun as well as really informative and a great way to pack lots of drawing into a structured day.

Drawing fabrics on a real model

I always find the quick, charcoal drawings that take up one or two minutes at the beginning of the session are a great warm up to get you looking at the shapes that are in front of you without getting too precious about the actual drawing.

The session lasted the whole day, energy levels were starting to wear off in the afternoon, however I was still drawing and still finding the activity challenging- something I may not have carried on with if I was sat alone in my studio. As always at these kind of workshops, it’s really interesting to see how others approach the same task, no two drawings from the 15 people in the room were the same.

Drawing in the negative shapes

I saved a few tips to share with you that I found extremely useful throughout the session,

+ Longer Spent = Less Spontaneity. The longer you spend working back into a drawing and adding to it, the less spontaneous it will look and you will run the risk of over working the drawing.

+ Know When To Stop!- Know when to stop adding more layers, a bit of extra pencil, a bit of colour.. you have to decide that enough if enough and when to move on to the next piece- even if there is still plenty of time left, you don’t need to use all of the time up.

+ Use suggestions of details and shapes to communicate the pattern or line to your audience, you don’t have to draw absolutely everything in order for your drawing to be understood.

+ Colour in the negative spaces around the model, whatever shapes or proportions that aren’t working will jump out at you.

Colour in the negative shapes, i.e. under the chin, under the arm, between the hand and the chair

I’m going to add a couple more drawing workshops in this part that some of you may be interested in- they are all Manchester based but please do feel free to add any that you know of into the comments and i’ll add them to the list too!

+ Rachel Booth - Life Drawing.

Contact Rachel

The Moorfield, 131 Marsland Road, Sale M33 3NW

+ Life Drawing Plus at Studio Bee, Northern Quarter- Central Manchester

+ Fashion Illustration Workshops with Tracy Fennell (keep an eye out for upcoming dates)

+ Sandbar, 120 Grosvenor Street, Manchester M1 7HL

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