Grayson's Art Club Exhibition

During lockdown in the UK, Grayson Perry, one of Britain's leading artists created a television series to bring the nation together through the creation of art. This series encouraged everyone to have a go and to try something new. During the series, Grayson Perry selected a number of pieces from the public to go on display in an exhibition along side work created by himself and wife Philippa Perry. The exhibition is currently on display at the Manchester Art Gallery until 31st October. Tickets are free but you do need to book them in advance.

The Way Ahead 2020 by Jasmine Horn

I watched a couple of episodes of Grayson's Art Club and really enjoyed watching what goes on inside Grayson and Philippa's studio spaces. Studios are usually hidden spaces where artists work and don't often show behind the scenes so I found that quite inspiring and welcoming of them to open up for everyone to see.

I found the series very approachable and as a lot of it was filmed over video call, I thought it almost evened the playing field between career artists and the general public, it really opened the weekly challenges to everyone who wanted to have a go from the comfort of their living room.

Walking through the physical exhibition brought back strange memories of a not so distant past that many of us have been quick to move on from. A time of self reflection, looking out for the community and snippets of the insides of our homes.

The Itty Bitty Chris Whitty Committee 2020 by Hugo Boss (now known as Joe Lycett)

I enjoyed that the exhibition placed all of the work together regardless of the creator's art history, more well known artists like David Shrigley, Sir Anthony Gormley and celebrity artists such as Joe Lycett and Harry Hill were amongst creatives like Jasmine Horn who started lockdown completing 'paint-by-numbers' kits before creating her exhibition piece or Clare Warde who hadn't painted since primary school.

One drawing lesson that I took away from the exhibition and tv series was a statement by Grayson Perry to 'capture the essence' when making art work. By capturing the essence, you aren't putting too much pressure on yourself to create the perfect piece. I have taken this idea and started to use a colour palette that I enjoy and I no longer try to match my drawing up perfectly to what's in front of me. I have been exaggerating shapes and textures and adding my personality to each drawing. This lesson has also shown itself in the images of the art works that I most enjoyed from the exhibition and chose to feature in this blog post.

Nuts About Life 2020 by Clare Warde

Throughout each lockdown I felt extremely lucky that I have the ability to entertain myself using any drawing materials I can get my hands on. Being able to create just a small amount every day helped me to keep focused and gave me something to achieve during the day.

In the past when i've seen television series around art and creativity, it has been a competition harshly judged by people i've never heard of as well as millions of viewers. This is where Grayson's Art Club is different and has encouraged people to find their own way in creativity to enjoy it and to get a positive mind set around making. I'm a huge supporter of encouraging others to be creative and I thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition for that narrative behind it.

Annie Dog 2020 by Hollie Arnett

If you have been to see the exhibition or have any thoughts or ideas about the tv series, please feel free to comment below!

Trevor 2020 by Sharon Bennett

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