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Hello Everyone!

I hope you're keeping well and not climbing the walls just yet, I'm just writing up about how i've been keeping sane with some hand embroidery. Not many people know that my degree is actually in textiles and that I specialised in embroidery- just not in the traditional meaning. Occasionally I really enjoy getting back to my specialism and finding comfort in hand stitching.

One thing I do love about embroidery is that it can suit every budget and most situations, you don't need to have an elaborate kit or fresh new fabric, you can literally use whatever you have to hand that you are able to get creative with!

At the beginning of April, I came across embroidery artist Rebecca Stevens on Instagram and having felt inspired by her work, I followed her 27 day embroidery tutorials for 27 different types of stitches. I did go a bit abstract with my design and also investigated a few extra stitches that i've enjoyed using. Due to the lack of thread I have at home, i've also gone for a completely different colour palette than my traditional black or grey, this has made things slightly more 'girly' than i'm used to.

Head over to Rebecca's Instagram and check out her tutorials, they are very simple and easy to follow- she also has some great hand embroidery packs for sale.

There's something about hand embroidery that I find really therapeutic, it allows me to really switch off and stitch a lot of my worries into the fabric. It also keeps my hands busy and away from aimlessly scrolling through social media! The act of embroidery after a couple of weeks really helps my mind to focus for longer too.

I want to find a way of including more embroidery into my current work so watch this space and we'll see what happens!

If you have been enjoying some hand embroidery recently, please get in touch! I'd love to see what you've been making

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