Manchester Print Fair at The Hat Works

One of my big goals this year was to sell my work at one of the Manchester Print Fair events, so you can imagine how excited I was when I received the good news! The Manchester Print Fair have a really great following and their previous event at the Hat Works brought a lot of business to Stockport. After being featured on their Instagram account I received a whopping 100+ more followers- hello if you are one of them!

As most of my work contains monsters, spooky themes and folklore I was so excited to take part in the Halloween Print Fair, even better that it was held at the Hat Works Museum in Stockport, a venue that I love and have worked in in the past.

This Halloween event gave me a really good deadline to aim for to get all of my stock together as well as to make some new display items such as my shiny new peg board. I also got into the halloween spirit and made myself a skeleton outfit!

One of my favourite parts of selling events is meeting and getting to know other makers, passing around hints and tips as well as hearing about their successes and lessons learnt from their fails, its a great reminder that all makers are human beings (not zombies) and that we’re all doing our best!

In terms of sales, I had a really good day and I’d like to thank all of you who bought even just a postcard from me, each sale helps me to carry on doing what I love. I really hope you are all enjoying your new prints, please tag me in your photos - I LOVE to see them!

New people that I met at this event:

Rhi Moxon Print maker and illustrator

Local Hotel Parking Collage artist

Red Button Press Letter Press Print Making

Flazzle Illustrator

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