Manchester School of Art Degree Show

In 2016, I graduated from the Textiles in Practice course at Manchester Metropolitan University. Every year since then I have visited the degree show, the final exhibition that the students spend their degree working towards. I always find it incredibly inspiring to see the fresh talent and the thought provoking ideas that they have been able to bring to life.

*This blog post is purely a collection of ideas and work that I personally enjoy*

Ryan Daniel Dilkes

I really admire the simple idea of this work by Three Dimensional Design student Ryan Dilkes, it allows the user to build their ideal desk by adding components that suit their current needs. By using what you have around you, you can builder a bigger desk, add in some shelves and place the legs where you need them- the possibilities are endless. Furniture that can be adapted to suit your needs saves hugely on waste and money.

Kristine Diola

Another piece of work from Three Dimensional Design, I really admire the way that Kristine Diola has highlighted our ever distancing relationship with our food. By re-growing our scraps and making the most of our waste, a sense of accomplishment is rediscovered- without the need for outdoor space.

Emily Pugh

I'm a sucker for anything out of scale, whether it's massive or micro. I can't get enough of Foundation Student Emily Pugh's kitchen set up! The sense of play and imagination in this work has me hooked, I kept going back for another look.

Unfortunately I can't find anymore information about Emily or her work, if you know any more info I would really appreciate it if you could pop it in the comments below!

As mentioned, I LOVE anything out of scale. This piece by Fine Art Student Lucie Le Gall was one of the best things i've ever seen. A massive lobster- I was absolutely chuffed to bits with seeing this, the added bonus of a short film including the set design just topped it for me. The piece is called

'European Lobsters Discuss Brexit 2019.'

As you walk into the Benzie Building the first thing you see in the Vertical Gallery is a huge pair of legs. Clandestine, an installation by Interactive Arts student Imogen (Millie) Ellerby Sansom stands several storeys high, representing the 'power balances between citizens and political or corporate 'giants'.

More than anything I really love the scale of this work, I feel almost as if I could be the size of the models in Emily Pugh's Spaghetti Falls.

As always, thank you for reading my post. If you'd like to name your favourite pieces from the Manchester School of Art Degree Show, please add them into the comments!

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