My 6 Week Lockdown Project

With a serious lack of any deadlines to work towards, I gave myself a short 6 week project to work on some new ideas.

When I initially set out the project I didn't have any particular aims or inspirations that fuelled it, I just wanted to create a set block of time that I could measure as well as have a deadline that I could work towards. Having this project during lockdown has really helped me to focus and feel like I'm making the most of my time.

Now that the 6 week project is finished, i've been looking over what i've made, how i've felt and what i've achieved. I have definitely felt more focused and have really enjoyed embroidering in the evenings. Having a deadline has meant that I can now round the project up and select my favourite parts to move forwards.

A couple of drawings in this project are self portraits, something I don't usually do. With the lack of places and people to visit, I started to look at myself and question how things have challenged me over the last (nearly) 12 months. I've had an enormous sense of 'waiting' looming over me most days, waiting for lockdown to end, waiting to go back to work, to see friends etc..


Within the project I tried not to work to create products but to just create what I felt like making and this really helped to push some ideas along as well as to create work that's just for me and doesn't need to make sense to anyone else. Of course, a few new products did sneak in.

To see more work from this project follow the link HERE to head to my Pinterest page. I'm hoping to create another project like this one soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for reading!

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