My First Life Drawing Session

At the start of December I went to my first ever life drawing class in Studio Bee, Manchester. The event was run by @life_drawing_plus (Instagram). Before I went into the class, I couldn’t decide whether I was more nervous about drawing in a public space or seeing a bum- or worse!

After everyone settled in, we began with 2 minute quick sketches and then went on to do 5 minute, 20 minute 30 minute.. sketches. I found myself really zoning out and going into a mindfulness state, focusing on the negative spaces I had created around the shapes I was drawing. I didn’t at all feel competitive or embarrassed about my work (which I expected I would), I just enjoyed the act of drawing something new.

One thing I realised about my drawings was that I had used the charcoal pencil to colour in the negative spaces, to define some areas as well as colour over the multiple lines I had drawn in an attempt to get the right shape. This event has now given me the confidence to draw other humans and to have patience when I am drawing them- not to instantly write it off as "wrong."

#lifedrawing #doingsomethingnew #outofmycomfortzone #manchesterart

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