My Sketchbook Challenge

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

I decided to set myself a challenge of filling one whole sketchbook each month.

I kept trying at different ‘a drawing a day’ challenges but some days I wouldn’t be interested or make the time to put in the effort. Once I had fallen behind on a day then I would struggle to find the motivation to pick it back up again.

So far, I have discovered that having a sketchbook per month sets a clear deadline as well as applies the right amount of pressure. If i’m feeling particularly inspired I can go on to fill 5,6 or 7 pages. If I'm busy or not feeling particularly inspired then I will just fill one page or none at all.

Setting the deadline to the end of the month helps to keep me on track and the date reminds me how much time I have left.

I seem to be getting caught up on what it is that I should actually draw. Sometimes the white page is just too much of a starting place so I might go back through my sketchbook and fill in other bits of drawings, this just helps to get pencil on the paper.

Annotating my drawings is something that has evolved over the last two months, if I’m riding the creative wave and have a burst of ideas then I will annotate parts of my drawings to remember how I wanted them to look when I look back at the end of the month, I got out of this habit at university. I’ve started to use my sketchbook as more of a documentation of ideas rather than expecting it to be a portfolio.

5/9/19 Update:

Last month I didn't quite manage to fulfil my goal of filling a whole sketchbook, I was about 5 or 6 pages short. The challenge did help me to push myself and to draw subjects that I wouldn't usually have a go at- I actually enjoyed drawing people! Unfortunately I am already running behind with September and won't be able to pick up a new sketchbook from the Art shop for a while, I might have to do a month and a half long sketchbook challenge for the rest of September and October!

Have you tried this idea or something similar? Did it work for you?

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