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Whilst I was taking part in the March Meet the Makers Instagram challenge (mentioned in my last post), I talked about my ‘top tip/advice.’

Running my own business as well as working full time doesn’t leave me with much spare time, so when I do have a spare minute, I find myself scrolling aimlessly through social media. One day something clicked and I decided I wanted to minimise this unproductive activity and actually use my time more efficiently.

I am a textiles graduate that specialised in embroidery, I have a very short attention span and I like to keep my mind busy. I found that scrolling through social media can actually stress me out quite a bit and my mental health takes a dip when I spend too much time around it.

My simple fix to this is embroidery, hand embroidery can be used as a method of mindfulness and can be very relaxing- much like knitting or crochet. I like to have 2 or 3 embroidery hoops on the go, working on different projects to later use as cushion covers/ chair covers/ gifts etc.. It carries a far greater sense of achievement and fulfilment than any social media has ever given to me. As embroidery is just sitting and waiting, you can quickly pick it up for 20 minutes here and there, adding to it each time. I like the way that it doesn’t require any ‘brain work,’ you can just follow the pattern that you started, add a bit here, add something else there.

tell us your favourite way to unwind in the comments


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