New Greetings Cards

You heard that right!

I've been busy working away to create 9 new designs, most of which are inspired by different lockdown scenarios. I absolutely love to send and receive things in the post, I find it so much more rewarding and thoughtful than a text. So with this new collection I want to encourage everyone to send snail mail to their loved ones to remind them that they are loved.

Suddenly having a lot more time on my hands has meant that i've been noticing a lot of small things recently. Many of my new designs are inspired by new challenges, new hobbies and the small things from animals to insects and plants.

Throughout our new 'normal' I've seen many people take up gardening and cycling which are great for the planet, our minds and our creativity! I really hope the bike riding can become a new mode of transport for a lot of people after lockdown. Many of my designs surround wanting to visit family and just wanting to pop round for a cup of tea and a chat, i've found this really tough recently and can't wait to visit everyone again.

A few challenges i've seen due to the lockdown are that of GCSE, A level and Uni students not being able to sit the exams that they have been working towards, degree shows being cancelled or becoming virtual and many of these people having to learn online from home. As well as seeing some of my family and friends trying to move house in these strange times too.

I've also designed a new Father's day card this year, inspired by all of the frogs i've been watching at the duck pond, waiting for the tadpoles to reach adulthood.

As usual, all of my cards are printed onto recycled card in the north of England, they all come with a Kraft envelope and are all individually wrapped in compostable sleeves. You can find all of my new designs HERE on my Etsy page

If you are a stockist reading this and would like to know more information, please feel free to drop me an email at

Thanks for reading!

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