Reflecting on 2018

Throughout 2018 my goal was to build up my stock collection, I didn’t initially intend on selling my work at any events. Towards Christmas I attended three open studio events at my studios in Stockport, a pub craft fair and Sale Arts Trail’s Yule Do. I took my Light Magic collection with me to the events and had prepared enough stock for it to work as an incentive to sell. I attended these events with the idea of building up my mailing list and gaining new Instagram followers.

Whilst selling my work surrounded by other artists, I felt myself slipping into a mindset that really could have been quite damaging for my drawings. From feedback and by looking at what kinds of things were selling at the events, I started to think ‘if I made a polar bear card maybe more people will buy it’ when in fact I had a large enough Winter range and should have been focusing on my all-year-round work. I felt torn between creating what I think others want me to create and what I actually want to create.

Sale Arts Trail 2018

This year, my goal is to carry on building my stock up, to draw more and to read more. I still intend on selling my work but as a bonus and not a goal. It’s more important that my work keeps it’s soul and passion than selling out.

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