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I am very lucky to be able to work in a shop environment that stocks my greetings cards and prints, it’s fascinating to see how a customer moves around a space and to see how they interact with your work. Sometimes they’ll pick something up and laugh at it before showing their friend and putting it back down, sometimes they’ll take a photograph or a business card, I especially love it when the customer tells me exactly why they are buying a product and who for- there’s usually a story involved- ‘I want this shrimp print for my friend, we call ourselves the shrimp crew!’

I find that my customers really build a connection with my work when they can see me and they can make that link. They can ask me any questions about the design or they can (and often do) give me ideas for how they’d like to see the product- whether that’s adding words or different colours to the design. I am also able to pick up on little themes every now and again, for a little while it seemed like every badger card that I sold was ‘perfect’ for someones husband or boyfriend (no idea what’s going on there?).

*Sometimes I will go undercover and see what a customer says about my prints or cards when they don't know that i've made them! That's when you get the most honest comments!*

I love to meet each one of my customers, it’s such a warming feeling to know that my work is having a positive effect on them and I hope that they know how important each sale is to keeping me in my studio! Unfortunately I really don't receive this kind of feedback through my Etsy shop, it's an invaluable piece of market research.

This kind of feedback is really important to me to help me to continue to improve each collection. For anyone who is just starting their journey into selling their work, I would really recommend spending some time in a shop space or regularly talking to the shop owner to see what their best sellers are.

Please feel free to add any comments below about your experiences!

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