'Show Your Work'

I recently read the book ‘Show Your Work’ by Austin Kleon. Kleon makes the interesting point that in maths you show your workings out to show how you got to that answer. He also suggests to share your work in progress and to teach others about what you are doing.

Not long after reading this I watched the animal documentary series Dynasties on BBC, noting that my favourite part of the programme was the last ten minutes where they show the camera operators, their journey and what struggles they encountered. For me this made it all worth while, to show that it takes years of hard work, months of preparations, tracking the animals and then catching the right footage to put into one fifty minute programme.

I decided to record my ideas, inspirations and thoughts onto a blog, documenting what i’m working on as I go. I’ve found so far that its helped me to let go of ideas that I don't feel are blog worthy as well as getting all of my good ideas into a sensible order so that they make sense to the reader.

'Show Your Work' Austin Kleon

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