A sketchbook can be a hugely personal collection of ideas, every now and then you may be granted the access to peep into a creative brain. As part of the Degree Show at the Manchester School of Art, students and staff were encouraged to open up their sketchbooks and reveal what's inside.

I selected out a few of my favourites and wanted to share them with you...

Nicky Wilson *Winner of The Sketchbook Prize: Dean's Prize, Manchester School of Art 2019*

This little snippet is just a tiny piece of the 4meter long concertina book by Illustration with Animation student Nicky Wilson. What a great way to capture a story! Make sure you check out 'A Good Cup of Tea,' the collection of work currently on display at the Manchester School of Art Degree Show.

*this piece was in a cabinet and I couldn't get a great photo because of the lights in the room- so i've Regrammed from Nicky's Instagram account, definitely worth a follow!*

Ashleigh Blades

I really enjoyed flicking through this sketchbook of Ashleigh Blades, it was full of really interesting shapes, textures and simple line drawings combined with little notes and thoughts.

Tasnim Kadrishah-

I came across this sketchbook by Tasnim Kadrishah and fell in love with these two pages of ink drawings, there's obviously been a lot of time spent in this sketchbook. I'm really interested in the blank space with a few loose lines that surround the heavily detailed building.

*Unfortunately I don't know anything other than the name that was written on the front of this book and i'd love to know more! If you know anything about the owner of this sketchbook, please could you add it to the comments so I can credit their sketchbook properly

Fabia Fowler

These pages by Fabia Fowler had me laugh out loud!

I'm enjoying the use of collage and illustration as well as getting some humour in there. Even the handwriting has some really appealing textures and shapes to it, the whole sketchbook was just a dream to flick through!

After having the privilege of looking through other creative sketchbooks, i'm feeling really excited to get working in the many sketchbooks that i've accumulated over the years!

I've got many that I would love to finish and a few that I feel like I should share with the world

-watch this space!

As always, thank you for reading my post- feel free to add any comments below!


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