Spooktober 2020

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

My ink drawing for the 'bones' prompt

This year I decided to take part in Anastasia Berry's Spooktober drawing challenge. As I had taken part in an Inktober challenge last year, I wanted to push myself again to keep up with the prompts this year.

Some of Anastasia's prompts I disagreed with, 'twins' and 'scar' for example. I am a twin and I don't think we are particularly scary, I also think that scars should be celebrated and not feared.

My fine-liner drawing for the 'scar' prompt

The drawing challenge really pushed me to draw each day and to come up with ideas that I wouldn't usually think of. I also had to do some research for some of the prompts such as runes and for the vampire prompt I researched the Vampire Squid to mix it up a little bit. I found it was useful to come up with some quick ideas for each prompt before the challenge started, this made the process a little quicker each day for when I was drawing up the final sketch.

I created each drawing in pencil first and then went over it with either fine liner or pen and ink then I scanned each image into Photoshop and cleaned them up a little bit as well as adding backgrounds or block colours. The mono prints were created using oil pastel and sketchbook paper like in the video below.

My Mono print for 'cat'

Generating ideas and then pushing the drawing right through to the finished design was very satisfying, seeing the finished designs displayed together on Instagram was a really nice way to share the collection as well as to see it growing and changing each day too.

I worked mainly using black, white and grey to stop myself from getting too distracted with colour and to focus more on the shapes and textures in each drawing. For the next drawing challenge I might try and create a colour palette to work from to help me in creating another collection of drawings.

Now that i've finished the Spooktober challenge, I might go back and re-draw some of these designs in the future or maybe create some kind of project around them one day. It's nice to have a selection of work to choose from for future designs.

Click HERE to head over to my Pinterest page to see the whole collection of Spooktober drawings!

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