Summer Arts Festival

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

I received an email inviting me to apply for the Summer Arts Festival at A4 Studios in Altrincham, as I haven’t done many selling events outside of my studios, I thought it would be a great opportunity to apply. Once my application had been accepted, I started to make a list and plan out what I would need. At some point along the organising path, I decided that a good table cloth was essential. To have my logo printed large for passersby to see as well as somewhere to hide my extra stock (and snacks).

My set up at A4 Studios

It was useful to have a deadline to work towards, it encouraged me to get things done quickly. I also had to learn how to pack tightly into my MINI, making sure I had everything I need… including a table. Luckily I had a windowsill at the venue which turned out to be great for displaying my frames as I hadn’t planned in wall space.

It was lovely to meet the tenants of A4 Studios and to have a look at how their studios are organised. Built with recycled wood panels from decking board and mix matched windows and doors, they are very creatively designed. I met tenant Lyndsey Green who creates illustrated animal prints and non tenant Hana Rubi who creates lino block prints. I also got to spend the afternoon with Karen who I share my studio space with.

One thing that I noticed about our customers was that they were buying items under £20 and maybe just one item from each seller, small items from many sellers rather than a large item from one seller.

I had a great time at A4 studios and would recommend joining in with their open events, they’re a friendly team and have a lovely space.

My Tip:

If someone greets you with ‘I love your work but I have no money’ point them to your mailing list, social media sites, website or event that you have coming up that you have lots of leaflets for.

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