100 Day Drawing Project

I found this drawing project idea on Katie Chappell’s page and decided to give it a go, 1 drawing every day for 100 days. I enjoy taking part in month long drawing projects but I always expect myself to digitally clean up the image and to share it on social media in the same day - which can be a near impossible and overwhelming task. I kept this one mostly private apart from a few updates on social media as I didn’t want to put the pressure onto myself of creating ‘finished’ drawings every day.

In the beginning I found it quite difficult to sit down and find the energy to draw- again I think this had something to do with wanting to make the perfect drawing and over thinking things instead of just trusting the process. So I drew random objects around the house to start with.

Throughout the project I kept the drawings together, I put some of my favourite ones up on the studio wall and the rest in a drawer to look back through another time. I could start to see patterns forming in the ones on the walls in the colours and shapes that i'd chosen.

I managed 55 drawings in the end which is 55 drawings and ideas that I didn’t have before I started. I found the challenge tough - (probably why it’s called a challenge) and the transition of the darker evenings put a slight pause on my creativity in general, trying to adjust to the lack of daylight.

I put all the drawings together on the living room floor to see how it all looked as one big collection of work. It was interesting to see contrasts in colours, paper backgrounds and drawing tools i’d used. I split the pile of drawings into three sections, love, dislike and ‘parked ideas’. It was a nice reminder to go back through the drawings, almost like going through a photo album. Getting reminders of places where I had drawn and how I was feeling in that moment, I was reminded of what it was like to sit in the warmth in the garden to draw plants that no longer exist now.

One lesson that came back to me during this challenge was a lesson that I learnt at uni, to think about a collection of drawings in a 2/10 way. On average 2 drawings in every 10 will be good ones (or at least ones that you are happy to use). This idea helped me a lot to understand that not everything you produce will be your best, but by generating the volume of content, you have a lot more to work with. I can already see the benefits of this project and I love the idea of creating something small everyday to build up to a bigger ‘picture’- excuse the pun. I could see my drawing skills developing through this time too.

In the new year i’d like to start this project again but give myself some restrictions to work with such as only using black and white or only using ink or coloured pencils. Just to give myself some guides to work within - this might help with the creativity - but it also might not- we'll soon find out!

Instead of saving my best drawings for display online, I want to share with you my least favourite drawing of the project. This drawing of the fish, it needs more work and I could’ve included some nicer textures and colours. It's generally a bit of a flop but I can see how to improve it and use it in something else. I’m sharing this because most days the FOFU (fear of f*cking up) was real and stopped me from drawing.. but if you’ve all seen the worst drawing I created then it only gets better from here!

Did you take part in the challenge? Or have you done something similar in the past? How do you find taking on challenges like this? Let me know in the comments!

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