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How to Create a Seamless Repeat Pattern on Photoshop

Updated: Mar 16

How to create a repeat pattern

Repeat patterns can be used for all sorts of things, I use this simple method on Photoshop when I'm creating patterns for fabric, wrapping paper and notebooks.

Step 1.

Create a square document (cmd/ctrl+n to create a new document)

I start with a 1000 x 1000 pixel document with the resolution set to 300

Step 2.

Next we need to add some guide lines so that we can easily find the middle of the page.

View > New Guide > Horizontal 50% > OK

View> New guide > Vertical 50% > OK

3. Create a new layer

4. Place your image(s)/ shape in the middle of the page

TIP: Make sure the background of the image has been removed/is transparent

5. Make a copy of the layer (cmd/ctrl+J)

6. Now we need to offset the image,

So make sure the copied layer is selected then: filter>other> offset or (cmd/ctrl + f).

By moving the settings 500 pixels horizontally and 500 pixels vertically this will create the edges of your pattern.

TIP: If any overlapping occurs play around with the composition and sizing of your original shape, remember to copy the layer (cmd/ctrl + J) and offset (cmd/ctrl + f) it each time you move any objects around.

**This next bit is about applying your pattern to a document **

7. To add your pattern to a shape you need to define it (save it with a name)

Edit> define pattern.. (choose a name for your pattern)

8. If you haven't already, you need to create the canvas that you'd like to add your pattern to. Create a new, separate document (cmd/ctrl + d) for the project you are working on i.e. wrapping paper (A2) mood board (A4) etc..

9. Next we will apply our new pattern to our canvas.

Layer> New Fill Layer > pattern… > OK

Once you select 'OK' you will receive the next box:

'Scale' is the scale of your design, so the lower the percentage, the smaller the pattern will turn out and the higher the percentage, the larger the pattern will turn out.

10. Play around with any settings to tweak and perfect your pattern!

*Don't forget to save your masterpiece*

Please add your own tips to the comments, do send me your creations- I love to see them!


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