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Is Facebook The Best Place To Advertise My Creative Business?

Updated: 5 days ago

It's Facebook, everyone has a profile, right?

I've had a personal Facebook profile for years and it seemed like the next step was to create a profile for my business too.

It seemed like a logical thing to do, it's free advertising after all...


Facebook makes it's money from your attention span. It's as simple as that.

The more time you spend scrolling, the more money lines Mark Zuckerberg's pockets. The better content you make, the more time your audience spends on your page and the more money lines Zuckerberg's pockets... and the whole process keeps everyone's attention spans short in the meantime.

You don't own it

You might spend years building up a great following on Facebook. Then, as it does every so often, it crashes. One day it might not come back, they might just sack it off and call it quits - they won't - they make too much money... but they could, the power is theirs.

Also, because you don't own the platform, you have no control over the algorithms or who actually sees the post you've put time into making. Your best post might be sandwiched between two completely irrelevant or even damaging pieces of content.

Try somewhere else

There's no doubt that a lot of people have made a lot of money using Facebook and it's targeted ads to sell things. I just don't believe it should be the only place for a creative business to show off it's talent.

Newsletters are a great way to directly contact the people who are interested in what you do, you can share so much more value with them and start up conversations in a place that at least feels safer and more intimate than social media platforms. No one can take that list away from you either.

Get in the spaces where your creative community are hiding: podcasts, Pinterest, magazines, in person at social groups, even creating your own website and blog.

Remember: you're a creative business! Get creative and find new and exciting ways to reach your audience! Experiment and have a play with what you can do instead.

Yes it's 'free' advertising but at to what other costs?

Find ways to bring more creativity to your life and business in this post too


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