Breaking up with Facebook.

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

I took the decision to log out of Facebook.

I found myself sitting in rather uncomfortable positions staring at my phone or laptop screen, watching endless reams of noise and adverts distract me from my day. Getting irritated by repeated comments and content written by strangers.

I started to find Facebook was beginning to damage my business too. It wasn’t bringing any extra attention to my website, the majority of my followers are family and friends which is perfect for moral support however, they aren’t my customers. I found myself repeating content from my Instagram account and forcing out posts that just suited the algorithm’s needs. Registered as a business, Facebook want me to pay for featured ads therefore wouldn’t boost the ones that are getting attention naturally, making it ever more difficult for my work to be seen. I began to get content fatigue and even I was getting bored of what I was writing, so why would anyone else read it? I felt like I was just adding to the mess of noise that is already on there.

Addicted to clicking on the (1) notification at the top of my screen, I would emerge half an hour later feeling angry and upset at the world after having read problems that I could never fix. When I looked at the stats of my screen time on my phone and was nearly sick, I was loosing over 21 hours a week to social media.

I decided to keep the Facebook Messenger app, I do find it really useful to stay in contact with people I don’t see often. I am finding that I am a lot more willing to meet up with people, give them my phone number and generally spend more time outside doing other things.

I am now two weeks clean of my Facebook addiction, I do not miss it at all. My brain feels like it has a lot more space to breathe and is no longer in a constant state of panic. I no longer feel harassed by adverts or notifications. Using the time that I previously spent on Facebook, I want to work on my Pinterest SEO skills as well as building my Etsy shop, website and mailing list.

TIP: I have a Huawei phone, you can see in the settings how long you spend on your phone on average per week. You can also set time limits, I currently have my phone screen time set to 1 hour a day. Another great feature is 'grey screen' I set my phone screen to be in monochrome from 8pm to 7am, this really helps to stop me from scrolling through apps in bed.

Let me know if you have ever had any social media addictions, how did you get over it?

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