Mausoleum of the Giants

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine (Lydia Mary) posted an image of artist Phlegm’s monsters on Instagram, I knew at that point that I needed to see them for myself. I set off to Sheffield with a friend on a day trip just to see the 'Mausoleum of the Giants' exhibition. The event had proved so popular that the queue went on for 3 hours (we hadn’t realised this by the time we joined it at the back).

I really enjoyed the way the viewers were dwarfed by the huge creatures

The old industrial settings really built up the beginning to the story, with more factory remains to come. Once entering a courtyard we were guided through into the ‘Mausoleum’ in small groups so that we could really take in the art work and build up our own narratives. The huge monsters were built from wooden frames, Sheffield newspaper and layers of spray paint. (silly me didn’t realise what a mausoleum was and thought they were all sleeping-oops!)

Visiting this exhibition had a huge impact on me, it really made me reconsider what I want from my own art work. Having previously worked large scale, in 3D with monster characters, seeing it done on this scale really sparked something. More recently my work has catered for a commercial market, however this exhibition combined with the talk by The Design Trust (mentioned in a previous post) has inspired me to think bigger and to think about what i’d like to achieve alongside my prints and cards.

My degree show project 2016. Mask built in collaboration with Rudi Morris, Photographs by Jonathan Roberts

The event has really given me the confidence to work on my monsters at a time when they’ve been sitting ‘on the back burner’ for quite a while. I’m now thinking about different ways I can work big and to think about the different ways I could use a space, and not just a paper size!

Stay tuned…

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