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What's In Your Unique Marinade?

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Back out now if you're looking for a sensible recipe for your dinner.

How often do you add new flavours into your unique marinade? The magical part of the brain that holds all the juicy ideas and that stores up all the random things you encounter throughout daily life (very scientific).

I mentioned in my post about 'idle time' that it's important to spend time with ideas and with our creative tools nearby to allow the brain space for new ideas to develop and come to the surface.

This time, I'm thinking about the information that we feed into our brains before they get to work.

Think of an overnight oats recipe or a tasty marinade (bear with me on this one)... As you move around in your world, you collect tasty flavours from your unique hobbies / interests / likes / journeys / environment. You pop these ingredients into your mason jar of a brain and then you pop it in the fridge (your subconscious brain) to work it's magic. After a bit of time, you have a tasty breakfast or marinade that's 100% unique to you. This tasty marinade can help to flavour (not sorry) your creative problems and help to spark new ideas.

I'm a firm believer that the more random the flavours you smush together, the more exciting the marinade will be.

Sometimes if I'm really stuck and can't make an idea work, I'll pop it back into the 'jar' to collect some extra flavour, usually when I start to think about something else, an idea will pop up.

(Is it obvious that I was hungry when I was writing this?)

What ingredients do you have in your marinade? Horse riding? Jazz music? Your favourite part of the M56? Victorian Architecture?


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