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Spending Energy Part 2. The Energy Bucket

Updated: Mar 17

An illustration of a woman relaxing and enjoying a drink in a bucket full of water.

Energy Tin Bucket

I've heard different theories about the tin bucket, one might be that it's a stress bucket and the other might be that it's an energy bucket. I'm going to go with an energy bucket for this one - let's keep it positive.

In part one of Spending Energy I talked about the spoon theory and that it's a much shorter term way to look at energy. The bucket is a slightly longer term approach. No one wants to feel drained and unmotivated when it comes to showing up for the things they enjoy, this analogy from Kate Spencer helps to remind me about my energy levels and to identify where I can help myself.

Holes in the bucket

Where might your watery energy be draining out? Relationships, clutter, job problems, money worries, poor diet..? What can you do to reduce that flow or plug the hole(s) altogether?

For me, the news was causing anxiety, social media was making me unmotivated, the food shop was becoming overwhelming and I gave away too much of myself helping others.

To plug the holes that were draining me, I stopped consuming the news, I walked away from social media, I use click and collect for my weekly shop (with a food plan) and I am very conscious of where I help other people and guard my energy tightly.

Fill the bucket up

Secondly, look at where you can fill this bucket back up. Getting help with finances, setting relationship boundaries, eating well, talking to someone you trust.

I fill my bucket up with a change of scenery or a mooch around the city for an afternoon - open to new inspirations.

Even thinking about your energy in terms of money instead. What are you happy to spend a couple of quids worth of energy on and what would you rather not give your money to?

Simply put:

'Whatever excites you, go do it. Whatever drains you, stop doing it.' - Derek Sivers.

If you have a friend who might enjoy this kind of discussion, feel free to share this with them or if you have any thoughts on this subject please do leave a comment or drop me an email. To keep up with the latest blog posts, join my monthly round up here.


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