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What Did I Learn From 2023?

Updated: Mar 17

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The Mission.

I started 2023 with the very exciting task of opening my business again after closing it in 2022 (more about that here if you missed what went on). With 'health' being a new priority, I approached everything with this fresh new filter and set about making changes.

Starting with cutting ties on what was no longer serving me or that were taking away too much from my time, attention or energy away from the important things. Etsy shop, GOODBYE. Instagram account ADIOS, standing outside at craft markets all weekend, no thank you.

I wanted to fall in love with making again, as much as I loved it when I was little.

Noticing that my attention span was short and the days of having dead legs from sitting uncomfortably on the floor for hours lost in flow state were way behind me. I wanted this concentration level back. I noticed that my phone was in my hand more than my pencil and I wanted things to change.

Over the year, I experimented with everything from digital detoxing, being more mindful by 'single-tasking', actively including idle time into my day and even trying 4 hour slots of concentration. I learnt something from each experiment and use these bits to push me forwards.

I also looked at longer forms of content and what activities fill up my energy bucket instead of draining it. I stuck to 3 simple things; my email newsletter (I call this my Round Ups), my blog and a drawing journal. These three things create meandering paths of creativity and inspiration for me, they fill that energy bucket right up and I get excited to share them with a creative community every month.

The Next Mission?

After learning from little daily habits that stretch my attention span, I'm starting to look at creativity as a muscle that can be stretched too. Maybe this will be the topic for next year's posts?

As always, I'm so glad you're here and I'm so grateful that you support me and my work.

Thank you.

Books that helped me:

Podcasts that helped me:

Grow With Soul Podcast (now called Fireside)

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